Swiss banks are making history, the same way they did in 2008! During their AGMs #UBSubmissive & #DisCreditSuisse will clarify what is crucial for them: privatize profit & wait for public money when the tsunami will strike them hard #StopCareDrainers #CareNotDividends

Isn’t it amazing? #UBSubmissive & #DisCreditSuisse mouths are full of the importance of Swiss people and economy but in a time of multiple crisis they distribute their profits to… @BlackRock @Vanguard_Group #QatarInvestmentAuthority @NorgesBank #StopCareDrainers #JustRecovery

Swiss Banks such as @UBS & @CreditSuisse would rather be badly shaken by the crisis, than stop paying dividends to @blackrock. Why ? @investigate_eu
#CareNotDividends #JustRecovery #StopCareDrainers

And if @CreditSuisse @UBS took responsibility and followed the recommendations of FINMA, Swiss systemic banks would join the long list of European banks that have already done so. #StopCareDrainers #CareNotDividends #JustRecovery

Who are the shareholders of the major Swiss banks @UBS & @CreditSuisse to whom they prefer to distribute hundreds of millions of CHF rather than protect themselves & our economy? #StopCareDrainers @blackrock @Vanguard_Group #QatarSovereignFund @NorgesBank

Many major banks in Europe have decided to freeze their dividends to face the actual crisis. @UBS & @CreditSuisse won’t. They bet on their capacity to be saved, as they are some of the biggest money providers to the main political parties #StopCareDrainers

Where does all this come from? Since decades Swiss banks are fuelling the health care crisis, climate change and attacks on biodiversity. UBS directly owns shares in one of the bigest Brazilian promoter of the Amazonian deforestation #StopCareDrainers #JustRecovery

#DisCreditSuisse is shaky, the cost of its insurance against default is exploding. But they still pay dividends because they count on the State (on us !) to save them if they fail ! #CareNotDividends #StopCareDrainers #JustRecovery

#CareNotDividends We need money for local agriculture, for health, for education. #UBSubmissive and #DisCreditSuisse are fuelling climate crisis and biodiversity. More about it on #StopCareDrainers #JustRecovery

A 10 000 people petition #CareNotDividends #JustRecevory is supported by Ethos and Actares shareholders of @CreditSuisse & @UBS during their AGMs #StopCareDrainers #JustRecovery

Hiding their exposure behind a virus > Fossil Fuel Banks such as @CreditSuisse & @UBS are shaked by the oil, coal & gaz crisis behind the COVID-19 #StopCareDrainers #CareNotDividends

Talented actors and unsustainable players: Fossil Fuel Banks such as @CreditSuisse & @UBS are shaked by the oil, coal & gaz crisis behind the COVID-19. Their Titanic remake is astonishing. Too bad that the festivals are shut down #StopCareDrainers #CareNotDividends

From the Amazon to the great forests of Africa and Southeast Asia, @BlackRock is a global leader in financing forest destruction. #StopCareDrainers #CareNotDividends #JustRecovery #discreditsuisse #UBSubmissive