Instructions for the Twitter Storm

Believe it or not: Swiss Banks are still making history! After their involvement in the 2008 debt investments crisis and their huge responsability in the climate disaster fuelling, they are distributing their profits to their global care drainers sharholders in time of deep crisis.

A multiple dimension crisis is on us. UBS and Credit Suisse must keep their profits to consolidate themselves and support the real economy… but their management think they will be saved anyway by public money – a money we need so support care practices & just recovery outside of the profit golden rule. Their AGM is about to vote the distribution of hundreds of millions to some of the worst care drainers & ecosystems destroyers in the world: BlackRock, Vanguard, Qatar Sovereign Fund, and a bunch of others…

On Wednesday, April 29th at 09:09am, we will launch a Twitter Storm using the main hastag #StopCareDrainers with some other complementary hashtags #CareNotDividends #DisCreditSuisse #UBSubmissive #JustRecovery (depending of the tweet content and if you have enough space for it).

Our goals are:

  • To expose the long list of Swiss banks’ terrible choices but also their actual weakness
  • To expose the systemic care drainers behind UBS and Credit Suisse : BlackRock, Vanguard, Norges, Qatar Sovereign Fund, …
  • To support responsible investors (who are calling for the freezing of dividends to face the crisis), but also first liners facing the crisis
  • To connect with more allies and supporters against old world business as usual actors’ bailout


  • A variety of example Tweets and visuals are about to come – you can also create your own
  • Feel free to tweet in your language(s) in relationship to your own contexts, yet include same hashtags in all tweets
  • We can retweet with comments other tweets using our hashtags
  • We can use also Instagram & Facebook as complementary chanels
  • We can use information from the petition (see the link below*) and/or other reliable sources in our tweets

To participate, we are looking for committed contributors:

  1. You don’t have a Twitter account? Open one (you can destroy it right after). Twitter takes into account in its statistics ALL tweets using our hashtags, even if you have few or no subscribers.
  2. Please follow the @JustRecoveryCH account to relay the main messages from the beginning and follow the tweets of the day.
  3. If you have a trusted contact with influencers, offer them to follow the @JustRecoveryCH account as well.
  4. Please follow the allied accounts (see the list below***) and help to push their tweets : retweeting (with a comment including hastag), commenting, loving them
  5. From 09:09 am on this coming Wednesday, April 29th, (avoid using it before that time, so that the hashtag can rapidly become trending throughout the world) make lots of tweets that feature (#StopCareDrainers). You can also put the complementary hashtags (#CareNotDividends #DisCreditSuisse #UBSubmissive #JustRecovery) The countdown will be on (#StopCareDrainers) – Don’t change it!
  6. Please tag in your tweets if possible @CreditSuisse and/or @UBS, but also other institutions like shareholders @blackrock, @Vanguard_Group @Norgesbank, + other influencers and/or big accounts, and media relays
  7. Try not to send the same text too many times otherwise it can be considered as spam and the account can be blocked (Twitter will warn you beforehand).
  8. Use captivating visuals if you decide to use your own.
  9. Be careful to add a medium point · before any tagged account (such @UBS) when you are begining a tweet with it
  10. For the pros : If you’re not available on the 29th at 09:09 a.m. you can use tweetdeck to schedule

*** List of allied accounts where you can add yours (for organizations and/or strong invidual accounts only) : Here

More sourced info about how tensed the financial situation is : Here

The point is:

  • Each commited contributor (like you?) will take over the hastag #StopCareDrainers about 50 times (original tweets or retweets), associated (or not) with #CareNotDividends and others complementary hashtags.
  • That several well-followed influencers post at least once on the topic
  • Petitions can be signed:
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    • English:
    • Deutsch:
    • Italiano:

Good luck and thank you for your precious support!